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House of Hotdogs is the leading Hotdog specialist in Bangkok. We make authentic New York hotdogs with delicious sides. Also, we offer innovative recipes with unique customizable toppings that allow you to “Build Your Own House Dog.” At House of Hotdogs, giving the customer the freedom to choose exactly what they want is very important to us. House of Hotdogs has high quality beef, chicken, pork, or vegan (soy) hotdogs (free of preservatives and artificial coloring) and even delicious sausage options served in freshly baked buns. We offer condiments ranging from the traditional ketchup and mustard to homemade BBQ sauce, sriracha mayonnaise, jerk sauce, pickle relish, cheddar cheese, truffle mayo, jalapeno peppers and much more. Our toppings include BBQ Australian beef, Japanese curry, Jamaican jerk chicken, Thai kra pao chicken & beef, cheesy beans and more.

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